Fall Lip Colors

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ouch! I have a new found respect for beauty gurus. Lip swatches are tough business! My favorite season for makeup and fashion is fall, so it's no surprise that I have tons of favorite fall lipsticks. And I've narrowed the list down to 9 ultimate favs this year.  

Before I jump into the reason my lips are technicolor, a mini-announcement: I'm a Lucky Contributor! Which really isn't a huge deal, but is pretty big to me :)I'd seen this little badge all over the blogging community for so long, so I'm excited to finally be a part of the club. I have 3 post (including, this one!) published over there, and I need your help. If you have a moment, please click over there and "heart" my posts! It would mean so much! I've also popped the badge into my sidebar so you can check out my published posts whenever you can :)

Okay, on to the fall lip colors!

Colors are shown left-to-right.

Go Nude

MAC Hug Me - It's like being wrapped in the warmest hug of liiiffee! Hug Me is my perfect nude. MAC says it's a flesh pink, but in my opinion, it's much more neutral. I line my lips with MAC's lipliner in Chesnut, and baaam! Love.

YSL Rouge Volupte in #09 Caress Pink - Lipstick gods have spoken. The obsession with YSL lipsticks is real, y'all. And this color, described as a muted raspberry pink, is a great pink for my skin tone during the colder months (or any month really) <33

Jordana Lipliners in Coco Loco and Rock n' Rose - Everybody's looking for the perfect "Kylie Jenner lip" and while I'm not sure that this combo is dead on, it's pretty close. Thanks to Vicky Logan on YouTube!

Be Bold

L.A. Colors Glazed Lip Paint in Coy - This is puuurple. This bold lavender shade was released as part of a spring collection, but I like it as a brave choice for fall as well. It's not an everyday color, but on a certain girl's night out with a brown liner, it's a great pop.

MAC Rebel - Rebel is my fall JAM. Every fall, I put "wear dark lipstick" on my fall bucket list with this color in mind. It's probably my most worn lipstick during the fall, followed closely by Hug Me and the Dior one below. I'm on my second tube because it's cannon.

Dior Rouge Favori #752 - One of my favorite reds if not my favorite. It's a warm-toned red which is perfect for my skin tone and it's kind of a talisman for me. I wore it to my first ever law school Barrister's Ball, and it seems to be present for so many other memorable moments. Plus, I'll rock a red lip every damn day of the year.

Do Dark

NARS Valparaiso - Described by NARS as a rich raspberry, this pure matte lipstick is perfect for fall. I've had this little baby in my makeup collection for a few years now, and I'm always excited to rediscover it every season, like "oooh, I forgot all about you!".

Wet N' Wild Cherry Bomb - Both this shade and the next were featured in my "Vampy Lips" post. Cherry Bomb is a black cherry colored, semi-matte, super long-wearing lipstick. I pop it on my lips whenever I want to feel done up with very little makeup.

Wet N' Wild Vamp It Up - This deep purple, almost black isn't for everyone, but I've been rocking it like crazy this fall so far. I pair this lippie with basic liner and lots of lashes for an insta-glam look.

Really like any of the lipsticks mentioned above? Well, not only are three of them sold at Sephora (NARS Valparaiso, Dior Rouge Favori and YSL Caress Pink), but the beauty megastore has a gazillion to choose from. All the more reason to enter the Sephora giveaway! It ends November 9th. I truly wish I could enter, but alas, you must enter and win so I can live vicariously through your purchases :)

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What are your favorite fall lip colors?


  1. Holy Lip Swatches, Batman!!! Teach me your ways!! Love all the colors, btw. xoxo

  2. Ohhh man! Fall lips - one of my favorite beauty trends!!! I am on the hunt for that perfect dark cherry red. No luck so far, but I am still looking. And can I just say - you applied your lipstick PERFECTLY. How did you do that? Did you use a brush? SPILL your secrets PLEASE!

  3. Love this post!! Lipstick has seriously become my newest obsession the past year. I just LOVE IT. I'm so freakin' excited so I can wear my berry colors - those are my favorite!

    PS Your lips look bomb.com in all of those colors. You go girl.

  4. um this is going to sound creepy as heck, but can i have your lips? both of mine don't even equal your top lip. stupid thin lips. I SUCK at lipstick and picking colours, help me? I like cheaper ones though haha

  5. Congrats on become a Lucky contributor! That's super exciting! All of these colors look great on you. You have amazing lips! Sorry if that was weird, lol.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Oh wow - congrats girlie! I love all the colours! And we have very similar-ish lips haha

  7. Your lips are perfect. For real, and I don't even care how that sounds. LOVING all of these shades and am ridiculously jealous of how well you can pull off ANY shade!

  8. I'm one of the other giveaway co-hosts and wanted to stop by and say hello :)

    MAC's Rebel is my go-to for fall and winter! It's such a great shade. I discovered it last year and am so glad it's still in fashion this year.


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