Winter Reds

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This would be my second time doing swatches now. And my lips are just as sore (that sounds wrong), but they're stained a solid shade of red this time, so that's progress. I'm broadcasting my favorite red lip shades today because, hello, red is classic and winter-y and Snow White-like. And gawwgeouus!

Colors are shown left-to-right
Note that, in my opinion, colors are a bit brighter than they appear here (lighting washed them out a bit). Also, forgive my application - I took two sets of photos trying to get closer to accurate colors.

Wet N' Wild Spotlight Red - Really, Wet N' Wild should sponsor me because I can't list my favorite lip colors without at least one lipstick from the Megalast collection. Spotlight is that classic, bright red that anyone can wear - and everyone should!

MAC Anthurium - When Maleficent came out last year and I saw this picture of Angelina rocking a seriously bold and sexy red lip, I just had to have a lippie from the MAC Maleficent collection. They were sold out of the lipstick I really wanted, True Love's Kiss (such a cute name!), so I picked up this gloss. I'm not a gloss girl, but the color payoff on this one is insane.

Dior Rouge Favori #752 - If you're feeling a little deja vu, that's because it was one of my favorite fall colors too. A warm-toned red with a beautiful satin finish, this little gem has been with me through some great memories. It's my perfect red and I swipe it on all the time.

MAC Russian Red - This MAC classic is probably my least favorite just because it pulls quite orange on me and so it can come off a little loud. But I still like it; it's just not an everyday red for me. I have to wear it with intention!

NYX Monte Carlo - It goes on smooth but it dries into a satiny matte. And it's beautiful! Last year, this was my go-to, which is why I had to scrape the sides of the tube for this swatch (to see it's full potential, click here!). It's part of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream collection. It applies smooth and dries matte but doesn't give you that "matte lipstick feeling" when you rub your lips together. You know the feeling I'm talking about! Also, it doesn't transfer. Nice!

L'Oreal Matte for Me #409 - It's not exactly a red, but it's the perfect bridge between pink and red for anyone who is fearful of a full on red. If I'm wearing it and someone asks about it, they always refer to it as a red, so I included it in this list. It dries matte but it's not drying on the lips.

Are you in the market for a good red? Do you have a favorite of your own? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have 2 reds, not sure which ones exactly, but I know they are Wet n Wild & NYX. Love them both!

  2. red lips are so pretty on you! I have to be careful, it starts looking hooker VERY fast, since I'm apparently incapable of doing light eye liner. My red is Makeup Forever Moulin Rouge. I don't really experiment, I bought it for Halloween and it worked so I stick with it!

  3. I have a few reds (most mac) but not many because I just dunno about it on me. But love these on you!

  4. MAC Russian Red is usually my go-to, but I've been loving my Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red lately!

  5. LOVE the variations on these - they look absolutely gorgeous and so winter/holiday appropriate and perfect. Red also terrifies me, but I've been experimenting more to try to find the perfect shade. This list will DEFINITELY help, though I don't think I could look as gorgeous as you do with them, love!


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