How I Ended Up at Madison Square Garden Twice in 48 Hours

Monday, February 17, 2014

I can only remember going to MSG once in my whole existence of living in this wonderful city. That sounds really bizarre but, honestly, most New Yorkers don't visit the typical tourist-y hotspots. So when I found myself at MSG twice in just as many days, it was almost comical. And it ended up being the best days I've had in a while.

As long as I've known him, Mr. Big & Tall's talked about his biggest birthday dream: to see Kobe Bryant play at the Garden. Strangely enough, it always worked out that the LA Lakers played the Knicks either on or near his birthday. This past December, I decided I wanted to make that happen. And I kind of succeeded. It wasn't the Lakers (Kobe's hurt and isn't playing this season anyway), but the Sacramento Kings came to New York, and being the most amazing girlfriend ever, I got tickets!

But, of course, I couldn't just hand the tickets over unceremoniously. (How boring would that be?) So I sent him on a scavenger hunt around the city. You read that right - a scavenger hunt. And the poor baby didn't even know what awaited him at the end of it all, but he accepted the challenge anyway.

I purchased bold colored envelopes from Paper Presentation (my new favorite store!) to use for the clues because they had to be noticeable enough. And this 'antique gold' color was calling out to me from the shelves because of how metallic yet muted they were. I wrote clues on each card stock and placed them within the envelopes. The most difficult part was creating the riddles that would lead him from one clue to the next.

Of course, not everything went according to plan. Nothing ever does. He ended up going in the complete wrong direction at one point, I got multiple phone calls of confusion and we were a late to the game. But nothing can take away from the spectacular moment when he realized that we weren't just meeting at MSG - we were going inside. I wish I could've captured the look on his face; the childish grin from ear-to-ear that he wore from the moment he saw the tickets until the first timeout was priceless.

After researching for days, I finally decided on these tickets in Section 109. I literally spent hours on virtual tour type websites to make sure I knew exactly the view I was getting. And I was pleasantly surprised as we were way closer than I expected. In pictures, it looks really far, but we could see the details of the sneakers each player wore. That's really freaking close!

I was sure that it couldn't get any better - and then it did. We had decided to have a pretty chill Valentine's Day. In the past, like our first Valentine's Day, we took trips to resorts and did all the over-the-top things newly-in-love couples do. But over time, we've just used the day to eat lots of chocolate and watch movies. And that's what I thought was in store for me this past Friday. I woke up to 2 dozen roses and chocolates, which was a bit of a surprise but still pretty relaxed. At around 7:30pm, I got a text to take a taxi to 33rd and 7th. And there, he handed me a card with two tickets to see the band I love (second only to 30 Seconds to Mars & maaaybeee Imagine Dragons) in concert: Kings of Leon!

And even with the scent of sweat and smoke in the air, we danced, and drank beer, and sang screamed along with the songs. And I loved every moment of it  


  1. OOO how sweet! I love how you did the scavenger hunt, my babe would have given up after going the wrong way haha. Did you leave the cards at the locations with people? Also, I love that he surprised you with concert tix! What a great Vday!

  2. Oh man, this is the cutest ever! You guys are adorable. I LOVE your scavenger hunt idea!! So much fun!

  3. That is so awesome. I love that you did a scavenger hunt for him! And that he was willing to do it.

  4. Haha, I was so nervous the whole time that he was going to give up, but really glad he didn't!
    I actually left the cards at certain places not with people. For instance, one card directed him to the NBA store (the 2nd clue card above) where I taped the card to the back of a jersey display. Or like the next clue, sent him to Barnes & Nobles (the 'map' one) where I slipped a card between two books where my fiction book will hopefully be one day.

  5. Thanks! I can't take full credit for the idea, though. I actually got the idea from the book "Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares", where the main characters pass a notebook back & forth in New York City.

  6. I know, right? I was so happy he actually followed through with it!

  7. wait, so his birthday is the 12th????? :) i am slow and just realised you live in NYC. dontya know I'm coming in December??


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