The Worst Thing You Write...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quickly wanted to post about this week's writing prompt. Just in case anyone wants to join in.
As mentioned in this post, responding to writing prompts has really helped over the past two months. I run into all kinds of snags while writing my novel (it still feels super weird referring to it as "my novel") and need to just write something to keep the creativity flowing. Here's the prompt I'm working on this week:
What does 'a string of laughter' make you think of?

My response will be up tomorrow for Fiction Friday.



  1. I think Ive told you Im writing too. Love these prompts. I have hit a snag myself but Ill get back in the game when its not a full and busy week like this one.

  2. how interesting... those prompts are a great idea!


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