Friday, August 1, 2014

A little slice of heaven on the Pier :)
This is what it looks like on the west side of the city these days. I can't really complain about anything, now can I? Hoping you have an equally beautiful view this weekend! I plan on enjoying the weather and spending time with one of my best friends, who came into town for the NY bar exam this week. Here are a few links I've been checking out recently.

What to read when you want to be informed about the world, but the news is not your jam.

Waterproof, melt-proof makeup for these blistering summer days? Yes, please!

The inner monologue we all know too well during an argument.

Austen's Elizabeth Bennett is against feminism? Say what?

Now is the best time to shop for a pair of OTK boots, and I need these! And maybe a few of these too :)

I'm totally a Blair Waldorf, but I'm looking forward to recreating this Serena Van Der Woodsen look this fall. It's perfection.

The shaving struggle is real!

When people complain about my driving.

I've been loving my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but maybe I should consider another option...

Wear all white this summer like these ladies.

I'm sure you're not still afraid of the dark, but can you resist re-watching this 90s classic? I couldn't!

"The lie is what brings the story to life." Taking writing inspiration from real life and watching it evolve.

Happy Weekend & Happy August! xo


  1. ahhh loving that view! Whats there to complain about when thats what NYC looks like right now. Hope you had a great weekend love!

  2. I'm actually afraid to watch Are You Afraid of the Dark because I was totally freaked out as a kid and WHAT IF I STILL AM?!


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