Things I'm Not Good At

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's been that kinda week ya'll. The week that already feels long as hell even though it's only Tuesday night. Busy weeks I can handle, but long weeks? I'm no good at those.

Sometimes it helps to just say it, say "I suck at this" so you can face it head on or just learn to accept it. Although I'm not sure what good this post will do you. Maybe you'll see something on this list that you're terrible at and think "good it's not just me". Or maybe they'll be a few that make you feel better because you're spectacular at knitting a blanket from polyester scraps. Who knows? Hopefully, it's entertaining at the least.
++ Texting back. 
Anyone who's had the pleasure, or perhaps the curse, of texting me already knows this. I'm a shit texter. I'm always "just seeing something" or missing texts completely. With me, there's no in between - either I text back in 5 seconds or in 5 days. I'm sorry, I love you, please keep texting me.

++ Doing the things I've planned. 
I'm a planner. I have a super expensive (and probably unnecessary) planner and I decorate it like I'm trying to win an award. I write things out all pretty-like and then I don't do half of the things on my list. I'm a functioning adult for the most part, but like cleaning my closet and prepping meals for the week are recurring items on the to-do list week after week.

++ Vacuuming. 
Because I have to drag it out of it's hiding spot in the back of my coat closet. And it's loud. And I always get the urge to vacuum at around midnight when my neighbors are soundly asleep.

++ Washing dishes.
We've talked about this, and you understand <3

++ Being consistent.
This is a more recent development. I've always been a pretty consistent person. I procrastinate sure, that's always been the case, but I was always consistent. Recently, I've been getting overwhelmed with all the ideas I think up and then executing anything feels like so much pressure. I'm working on it. It's coming along.
I have been consist over at Skylights Magazine though! We post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I wrote this post today :)

++ Being brief.
If you've been reading this blog for any duration of time, you know this already. Homegirl can't say it short and sweet to save her life. Over the years, I've tried to make brevity my friend, but for the most part, it just didn't take. I mean, I can be brief sure. But it's just not who I am. I get too excited about things. And I don't have time to be anyone other than me. Ya know?

++ Watching television.
Don't get it twisted. I'm a pro at binge-watching television shows until my eyelids are heavier than even the most sleep-deprived law student's. But that doesn't make me good at watching television at all. Good at it would be watching a few hours and going to bed, not consuming episodes of the 100 all through the night.

++ Running.
I desperately want to be a runner. I can't really explain it, but being a runner in the city is like being so on top of your game. I see a girl running on the Pier at night and I think "get it, girl". I wanna get it too, whatever she's over there getting. I'm just not a very good runner. I'm trying though!

++ Waking up in the morning.
I basically have to extract myself from my bed in the mornings. Despite my attempts at becoming a "morning person", I experience separation anxiety everyday I have to get out of my bed before noon.

++ Feeding myself. 
Heaven knows I do not need to be a mother anytime soon because I can barely feed myself. Last night's dinner was all of deli turkey, Trader Joe's snap pea chips and a tub of frozen yogurt. *Insert wide-eyed emoji here* Dear Balanced Diet, you can show up anytime, really.

Truthfully, we all suck at something, right? And I guess it's good to be able to admit that. Tell me what you're not so great at below and make me feel less like a weirdo, yes?


  1. I am having that exact same kind of week, so I can totally relate! I'm soooo with you on the texting...if I'm not able to respond right at that moment, it can be days before I see it again. Oops!

  2. I. Loathe. Vacuuming. My mom always says it's the easiest task ever but I hate it and I never do it. It's awful. You just vacuum and vacuum and it all looks the same. Washing dishes? That you can see. Vacuuming? It's like you just did nothing for 10 minutes.

  3. girl if you run, you are good at running. you are on top of your game. end of story ;)
    i suck at being brief as well, i love to talk! lol

  4. I love to vacuum! I laughed about the planning part because I'm the same way, too funny. Decorate and plan like I'm going to win an award , LOL.

  5. Doing things you planned and the comment about your closet made me laugh out loud...because just last night I said I was going to pick up the clothes off my closet floor. Instead I watched the recording of the Bruce Jenner interview.

  6. My list would be very similar to yours. Except I'm spectacular at texting back. And feeding myself.

  7. My list would be very similar to yours. Except I'm spectacular at texting back. And feeding myself.

  8. Mine is pretty extensive. I'd have to sit and really think but we have a lot in common. Especially the whole dishes thing. I can't!

  9. I am terrible at being brief too - hence my annoyingly long responses to people's blog posts, which sometimes are longer than their actual post, haha! Another thing I'm not good at is doing laundry. I can do it but I hate to do it. When I was in college, I purposely sought out the largest hamper that I could find so that it would take weeks to fill up and then I would be forced to do laundry. And yes, it's as bad as it sounds... #lazylaundrydoer


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