Macadamia Miracle Masque

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My hair was super long when I was younger. I'm talking down to the middle of my back long. When I turned 12, my mom decided it was time to chemically straighten my hair because detangling my extremely thick hair was too time consuming. So, I got my first relaxer and my first haircut right along with it. Even then, the ends of my hair rested on my upper back. But between the everyday styling of my teenage years, college in a small town with no hair stylist, and the stress of law school, my hair has never been 100% healthy. I've struggled with periodic trims that turned into huge chops for a while. Until, the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque found me.

Beauty gurus across the Youtube-osphere screamed from the rooftops about the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. And I listened immediately, although I wasn't sure how it would work with my hair texture, because I'd been searching for a deep treatment for my hair. I love my hair salon, the same salon I've been going to since I was about 14, but I also really like doing my hair at home. When I'm home, I can leave a masque in my hair for an hour or let my hair air dry to limit exposure to heat. It's tedious, but I like feeling like I'm treating my hair (& scalp) really well.

And this masque is so good to my hair! I added it to my haircare regime 8 months ago and it has completely changed the condition of my hair. I recently trimmed (not cut!) my hair and it was the first time in over 6 months that I needed to. Every single time my hair stylist sees me, she comments on how strong and resilient my hair has gotten. Even my boyfriend mentioned how shiny my hair looked (I decided to take this as a compliment instead of a criticism of its past condition lol). I'm convinced that this masque is responsible for the improvement. It's described as "a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair". To name a few ingredients, it contains macadamia and argan oils for moisturizing and preventing breakage, tea tree oil for overall hair health, chamomile oil for revitalizing hair and strengthening roots, and aloe for sheen and lustre. It leaves my hair voluminous without being frizzy, soft without feeling weighed down, and smelling amazing without sacrificing any of the above. I'm in love.

If you're looking for a product to change your hair completely, don't hesitate for a second more! The masque is more expensive than others (most websites price it at $30+ for just 8.5oz), but I found my huge 16.9oz tub for only $35 on! That's a professional size, double the masque, for practically the same price. Click here to get in on that deal. And if you're skeptical as to whether this masque will work for you, you can purchase a 1oz travel-size for less than three bucks. Oh, have I mentioned that I've had the same tub for the past 8 months and I'm barely ½ way through? What are you waiting for? Go get'chu some :)

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