Luscious Lashes, Oh My!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We're talking all about insecurities today. Well, kind of. Remember this post I wrote a few weeks ago about feeling beautiful and accepting ourselves flaws and all? Well, I left out my personal 'flaw' in anticipation of this post: I hate that my eyelashes are so short. I watch makeup tutorials of girls with long, dark lashes who are all like "all I need is any old mascara and I'll have lush baby doll lashes" (not really) while I'm over here struggling with fake lashes and getting duo glue stuck in my eye (yes really). I like big, full falsies, for sure because it's fun to feel glammed up. But I also want to feel confident with my natural lashes or just a touch of mascara as well. So, as I advised, I did something about it.

Products that are formulated for lash growth have been said to cause some disturbing side effects like iris color change and lid discoloration. Um, the skin around my eyes is already a bit dark (although getting lighter), so no thank you! And those products are pricey. Latisse is $120 for 4 weeks worth. After searching for tips on how to grow my eyelashes longer and falling upon a few articles like this one and this one, I mixed up my own little eyelash growth serum and dedicated myself to really applying it as often as I could remember.


Castor Oil - aka my family's favorite response. If you had any skin or hair issues (dry skin or hair, break outs etc.), you were told to put some castor oil on it. Admittedly, that wasn't always the solution (see many of my teenage pimples turned full-blown breakouts), but castor oil does have some major benefits, including treating hair thinning and hair loss. I fill up about ½ the bottle with castor oil.
Coconut Oil - Whether you consume it or use it topically, coconut oil is highly regarded as the "superman" of oils. Cosmetically, its fatty acids moisturize the skin and protect hair from damage. And guess what? Eyelashes can be damaged and can actually fall out, so protecting those babies sounds like a good idea. I top off the other ½ of the bottle with some coconut oil.
Jojoba Oil - We talked about this! I'm all about jojoba oil and it's moisturizing properties. Jojoba adds moisture without the shine or greasiness that can come with many moisturizing products. I only add a few drops of this into the serum.

I apply this nightly with a clean mascara wand to my upper and lower lashes, as well as my eyebrows (did I mention that my thin eyebrows are an insecurity of mine too?). I'm careful not to overload the brush with product by dabbing the excess onto a tissue first. Then, I pull the wand through my lashes a few times and brush whatever's left on it through my eyebrows. I'd say that the serum should only be applied at night. Although you could very well apply this serum in the morning too, I don't like to. I may wipe off the excess, but I like to load this moisturizing goodness onto my lashes, which can make my eyes feel a bit heavy. Aside from that, I'm obsessed with this serum and the results I get with it.

It's not a miracle mixture. You won't wake up with "they're real" lashes (although they will be super soft!). But, over the two or so months I've been applying it to my lashes and brows, I've noticed a few differences, although I don't expect to see any dramatic difference until a while longer. I'm talking I'll do my makeup and not touch my eyebrows because "they look fine" kind of difference, which is a whole new world for me. What I've noticed the most is the density and softness of my lashes. Before, I felt like I was searching for an eyelash to put mascara on. Now, I marvel at how substantial they feel when I touch them, like I can bat them at passersby and make them swoon. Whether or not I've got swoon-worthy lashes or not, as stated before, I'm creating what I think is the most beautiful version of me. That's the most important part.

*NOTE: I was sure that I took 'before' pictures for comparison, but can't find them. If I do, I will add them to the post!


  1. I'm a coconut oil junkie and I had no idea it could be used in a lash capacity. I, too, have the stubbiest little lashes.

  2. I had no idea either until I started researching, but it is such a miracle product. I'm still building up the courage to cook with it though. It seems so weird to cook with something I use cosmetically.


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