My Totally (Non-Maliciously but Admittedly) Stolen Salad

Monday, March 17, 2014

I've been absent from the blog for an entire week. I repeat, an entire week. All because Time Warner Cable is the devil's personal play thing. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who lives in New York City and is forced to pay exorbitant prices for its subpar services. Over $100 for error messages and slow ass internet after 8pm. And I've been without proper internet access since late Wednesday night. I tried to stay off it on Thursday & Friday because it was seriously 10x slower than dial-up. And then it completely conked out on Saturday in the middle of a serious Netflix binge. Best part - Time Warner is closed on the weekend.
So I come to you from my Blogger app on my iPhone (which is super annoying to blog on by the way) with one of my favorite salads that I've been devouring for the past 3 months, my take on a traditional cobb salad. Salads don't always have to be boring or bland. In fact, I refuse to eat salads like that. I like to enjoy what I eat, and I really enjoy avocados and turkey bacon. So get out a huge bowl and a bag of lettuce and prepare to fall in lurrvve :)

Kari's Turkey Bacon Avocado Salad
What you need:
large mixing bowl
bag of lettuce 
4-6 ounces of grilled chicken breast 
3-4 pieces of cooked turkey bacon
2 hard boiled eggs
an avocado
a tomato
dressing of your choice

Pictured here with ridiculous amounts of avocado. Yum!

This recipe is so simple I almost feel ridiculous calling it a 'recipe'. Empty the bag of lettuce in to the mixing bowl. I prefer romaine lettuce but any variety will do. Cut up all the ingredients. I usually cut up the avocado and tomato while keeping an eye on my eggs as they hard boil and chicken as the breasts grill on the stove. Then I pop my turkey bacon slices in the oven to cook for about 10 minutes while I chop up the eggs and chicken. Add all chopped ingredients into the bowl and top with turkey bacon bits (I tear the slices into smaller pieces with my hands) and your dressing (I usually chose blue cheese or balsamic vinegarette). Toss it all together and you're done!

Friday was a weigh-in day and it went a lot better than expected considering my birthday weekend was nothing but gluttony (I got a Sprinkles cupcake tower cake, ya'll!). I am officially -14 from my start. Not as much as I'd hoped by this time but we can't complain about a negative now can we? 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Send out some positive internet vibes for me :)


  1. I know your feels. Comcast is horrible, I hate hate hate hate hate them. They are the worst.
    that salad looks so amazing right now

  2. Congratulations on the -14, Kari! That's amazing. Although, a Sprinkles tower sounds delicious right about now....

    One of my childhood friends moved from where I'm from in NJ to Queens a few months ago and has not stopped complaining about Time Warner since. I can hear her in my head talking about the same issues you're mentioning. Good luck with that! Just tell them your blog readers need ya back ;)

  3. Eep! TWC & Comcast are merging soon. Goodness, what am I in for?!

  4. No matter how fit I become, a Sprinkles tower will always be the

    Sending your friend multiple well wishes because having TWC sure is frustrating. And aww - it is I that need my blog readers for sure!

  5. OMG this salad sounds amazing! I love a good cobb salad, my fave! I'm definitely making this soon!!
    -14!? That is awesome!!! Congrats girl!
    BTW, I am horrible blog friend and have been NOT keeping up with blogs lately and forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Can't believe I missed it! I hope you had a fabulous time!!!


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