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Friday, September 19, 2014

I want all the the coffee table books!

I know this seems like it's going to be a 'best of' list of sorts but really this is a just a wish list of books I want for my my coffee table display. Display, you ask? Well, yes, because instead of using my coffee table for normal purposes (what are coffee tables used for again?), a large gold tray sits in the middle of mine complete with flowers, remotes and other trinkets. I'd show you but that's another post now, isn't it?

There are a few books that I want that are quite pricey (like the $85 ChloĆ© or the $300+ Cutting A Figure: Fashioning Black Portraiture), but I consider these ten to be much more affordable. As I can't pile up all of the books on my table - this is no bookcase afterall - I have to choose one or two. Which would you suggest?

(1) Pride & Prejudice (Mr. Boddington's Penguin Classics) 
Sure, no one's gonna read an entire novel while lounging on my sofa. But I just love this novel so much, I have to display it somewhere. With this stacked on my coffee table, guests will think "Wow, she must really like this book." And why, exactly, yes I really do.

I've always said that if I didn't live in New York, I'd want to live in Paris (or London!). This comparison book is totally different from any other on my list because it's all cartoon like drawings of the cities. Vahram Muratyan compares the street signs, female fashion icons and coffee preferences through pictures in his book. Any book with coffee in it makes a good coffee table book, right?

A guide for everything a woman must know regarding what to wear and where to wear it. Christian Dior teaches some of us and reminds others of the 3 fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming and good taste.

The author Siobhan Wall uncovers London's most peaceful locations, taking us along with magnificent photographs. The 100+ pages of this hardcover exposes bookshops, beautiful gardens, and more hidden gems in lovely photos taken by Wall. 

This colorful little baby's been on my wish list for a few months now. Nichole Robertson's photographs are color-coordinated; each page dominated by a bold color running throughout the photos. There's also a follow-up called Paris In Love. I may just need both :)

My goodness, it's beautiful. The photographs are amazing and artistic, and both the decor and fashion in it is just so... chic. 

Google these books and you'll see how outstanding these photographs are. Most of them seemed to be of moments from all over the world, pulled right out of everyday life: fog creeping in over a city, an eagle prepared for flight in Mongolia and gauchos relaxing in Brazil. Something about these books just feels important. 

Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion inspirations. This book gives tips about your wardrobe, beauty and hair styles from a celebrity who blends classic looks and modern trends so beautifully.

Chanel is cannon, for sure. With over 100 illustrations, its pages track style from 1920s to the present, reminding us of the magic of Chanel - as if we didn't know!

I have a major sweet tooth! And how cute would it be if a friendly visit turned into trying out some dessert recipe from this book? Perfect Girl's Night In!

Which coffee table books do you like best? Have any favorites? I need haallppp!


  1. well you know I'm all about P&P! it really is so pretty and I want to display mine more than on my bookshelf, so... lol. I don't have a coffee table (yet!) but when i do i want a pretty tray and pretty books and all sorts of other pretties, because what are coffee tables used for anyway? i dont drink coffee.

  2. You really can't go wrong with LC - her style is ALWAYS on point!

  3. I want coffee table books too but first I better get a coffee table. ;-)


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