Recap: Sore-losing & Being A Nutella Jar

Monday, September 22, 2014

Am I the only blogger who doesn't find my weekends blog-worthy enough to warrant a weekly "weekend recap" post? It seems to me that every Monday like clockwork my bloglovin' feed in flooded with posts about weekend roadtrips and other interesting and exciting extravaganzas. I mean, sure, I do things. But do you really wanna see pictures of my current novel, a date night or the inside of some lounge/bar first thing every single Monday morning? Because I surely don't want to spend every Sunday night writing up such posts.  

Anyway, I checked my phone's photo album today and realized I had the strangest combination of pictures from the past couple days, and thought "I think I'll participate this week". And well, with my participation in link-up type posts being at an all time high recently (note: it's only been 2, counting this one lol), how could I say no? 

Walked out to this bizarre, yet totally normal, letter on Friday night. Apparently, it's filming season in the city. Christmas two weeks ago, and now criminal acts shall be committed in my lobby. I will not be volunteering my apartment, despite how cool it could be to have my abode featured as the teeny tiny apartment of some struggling artist in NYC who is inevitably murdered leaving only his brilliant, unrecognized work and a bloody crime scene behind. My desire to keep my little place a crime-free zone wins out. Insurance and promises of moo-lah be damned.

This is what 250 points at Sephora gets you. I needed a case and it's so darn cute! It also solidifes that I will not be upgrading to the iPhone 6 anytime soon. How can I when I just got this new case? :)

I need a new coffee table. For all my pretty, new, soon-to-be-mine coffee table books, of course. This one I saw in a shop window is perfect. Except for the fact that I can't remember where I saw it and I didn't get the store name in the photo. Fail.

This Maze Runner got seen on opening night because, hello, have we forgotten? Dylan O'Brien. His performance was outstanding. I love his ability to portray so much without saying anything and act with his entire body. Go see it for The Dylan!

Saturday was an icky day. I wasn't feeling to great. The Annual Block Party for my street took place during the afternoon, effectively blocking off all traffic. I ventured out for a bit, but failed to take any pictures, hence the random photo below of some other block's party from last year. Think street fair only smaller. I forewent my friend's awesome 80's prom party and spent the night inside decorating. A post is to follow, but here's a sneak peek :o

My fashion sense is kinda all over the place. I don't stick to a particular aesthetic. My fashion icons are Blair Waldorf and Carrie Bradshaw, two very different styles but they work together. That skirt and top combo in the background of the 2nd photo is perfection.

I love, love, love this phrase!

And Sunday was spent how all Sundays are spent. Watching football, planning for the upcoming week and browsing blogs and YouTube. Except mostly football :) Pizza, for everyone, and new Brady shirt for me! I'm also losing in the blogger fantasy league and none to happy about it. So there's that :\ #soreloser

Also, want to drop these two little gems here... Lucky me, I'm guest posting on Kay's blog tomorrow. So head over there for an extra dose of my lunacy! I'm sure you'll want to stick around her blog once you're there. Also, the BookClub linkup for The Darkest Minds review will be happening on September 30th, so be sure to check back here and link-up then!

Hope your weekend was recap-worthy :) Tell me about it. 


  1. My policy is actually that I don't ever write or read weekend recaps. But the SVU photo called out to me. Come onnn, volunteer your place! I wanna see it on tv!!!

  2. i rarely do weekend recaps because my life is bohhhring. you should totally volunteer your apartment lol, i would watch it for your apartment!! love the coffee table, and that dylan gif is the best! i want to read the book first, but ok ok i'll see the movie!

  3. In all honesty I do weekend recap posts because it's so much easier than actually putting effort into writing up a normal blog post. lol
    Also, seeing as how SVU is my favorite FAVORITE show you must do this. If for no one else... for me. duh.

  4. Kari, Law & Order SVU? You gotta do it. Just because that would be so cool! Love your weekend update. :)

  5. Love Law and Order SVU. I don't do weekend recaps often because I'm usually just sittingn around... lol!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. My weekends are so not blog worthy! Hah. :) And you should totally volunteer your apartment.

    I'm still reading the Maze Runner, so I'm waiting to see the movie. I will definitely see it as soon as I'm done.

  7. Such a great quote! I don't want to be a nutella jar!


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