On the 1st Night of Halloween, My True Love Gave to Me...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The television remote. My true love would know what today means and hand it over. I'm just sayin.'

'Round these parts we gear up for Halloween movie season. Now sure, I start my halloween-y season as soon as October opens its pearly gates, but the Halloween bell really chimes once 13 Nights of Halloween begins (which is today!). I wait all of October for the ghoulish movies and creepy t.v. specials on a handful of networks.

love catching childhood favorites like Halloweentown and Corpse's Bride and many more on both Disney and ABC Family, but I also look forward to binge-watching some pretty scary flicks like Texas Chain Saw Massacre. You can usually find me scouring the web for tv schedules a few days before it all begins. Instead of just jotting the movies/times down on a random slip of paper, this year, I created an electronic schedule. It makes me feel legit - I like feeling legit.

Here's my holy grail of all network programming aimed to fright and excite. First, I edited a super cute graphic, adding my selection movies I plan to catch for 13 Nights of Halloween and the days I plan to watch them (*note: see document below for entire schedule).

Below I've attached my two separate, full schedules. Just wanna reminisce with childhood movies? Click the schedule labeled "cute" for the Disney and ABC lineups combined on a single calendar! Not afraid of a little lot of horror? Check out the mashup of Syfy and AMC titled "scary"!

Click to enlarge!

*I found all these Halloween-y lineups conveniently on this website & the 13 Nights of Halloween graphic came from ABC from a past year, which I then painstakingly edited. 

I hope these darlings guide you through the millions of movies broadcasted for the season. What movie are you most looking forward to for Halloween?

Happy, happy Sunday! <3


  1. This is an awesome guide! Thanks for putting this together. I'll definitely be DVRing a lot of these!

  2. Your true love'd have it so easy...! You're hilarious, Kari :)

  3. I love 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family!


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