Vamp Life: How To Rock A Bold Lip

Friday, October 10, 2014

Now, while red lipstick is like my uniform and I'll don a dark lip any day, I find that I gravitate to deep reds and purples when the weather gets colder. Although every YouTube beauty guru pumps out tutorial after tutorial incorporating a dark fall lip, I prefer pairing my vampy lip with lots of lashes, and minimal eye makeup. In fact, I usually slap on a dark lipstick and mascara when I have very little time or will to do my makeup but want to look presentable.

This fall I'm mostly excited to keep two shades, Wet N' Wild Cherry Bomb & Vamp It Up, in rotation (as well as MAC's Rebel because, hello, fall staple right there!). So in honor of vamp season (Vamp season = the premieres of both Vampire Diaries and Originals this week), I present my favorite dark/bold lip look!

PS. This was posted from the corner of my local Starbucks because my internet is out. That's how much I love you <3

Giveaway/link-up post coming, oh so, soon!

Are you into vampy lips for fall? What's your favorite shade?


  1. LOVE the lips! I wish i could pull off a datk lip like that. I always feel like a clown. :)

  2. I always feel silly with any lipstick on - jealous you can rock it!

  3. I love MAC's Cyber paired with the Nightmoth lipliner!

  4. This is PERFECT. I'm a little afraid of lipstick, so I shy away from it (I think I just need a really good lip brush to apply). Awesome post and a very, very effective tutorial - I'm going as Medusa for Halloween, so I'm thinking vampy lips will be a MUST.


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