The Next Stop is: Sweat Junction

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I've completely fallen off the "workout wagon," and have been merrily riding the overeating and 2AM cookie train all the way to the end of the line. Now that there's no good excuse for lounging around and eating copious amounts of sweets (Is there ever really a good excuse for it?), I'm getting off at Sweat Junction. See what I did there? :) For anyone who's looking to jumpstart their workouts and see quicker results, here's my program for the next few weeks:

Workout Program
I've created a workout plan that will kickstart my journey to a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Enter the two-a-days. When you google search "two-a-day workouts", you get results concerning men's fitness and body building. But I really think these types of workouts can be beneficial to women too if done correctly.

For my first workout in the morning (or as close to the morning as I can get it!), I aim to complete an hour of cardio. That's right - an entire hour. Don't give me that shocked/quisitive look. Yes I'm aware that most people aim for about 35 minutes of cardio per day (doctor's orders!). I get that and I respect it, but this isn't a "let-me-get-a-quick-burn-in-before…" workout. This is a "let's-whip-this-fat-ass-back-into-shape" workout and the ultimate goal is to sweat.

My afternoon/late evening workout although shorter than the morning one is much tougher, and its mostly about conditioning and very light weight training (remember the goal is to shed fat not build or tone muscle at the moment). During this session, I get into the plyometrics and HIIT workouts. Each night, I choose one of five routines, all of which usually take me between 20-30 minutes to complete and all of which were created by the lovely Lisa Marie (see her full YouTube fitness channel here; she's amazing and riipppeeeddd). Here's 2 of her HIIT videos that have been kicking my butt nightly:

Nutrition Program
I must disclaim before I begin that I am not a nutritionist or health specialist in any way. I am simply someone who has shed the weight before and is trying to do it again. All of my tips regarding nutrition and healthy eating are the product of my own personal research and experiences.

First and, in my opinion, the easiest change to make is my liquid intake. Most of the drinks I consume are water, which includes sparkling water flavored with a Crystal Light packet (It tastes just like soda, I swear!).

Secondly, if you are intending to kickstart your fitness, a regular "no dessert after dinner" alteration just won't cut it. This plan requires a diet that is very clean (the dreaded "d" word, which is only appropriate here); enough to get you through the day which now includes 2 workouts, but not indulging yourself. Basically, it is meant to function as somewhat of a cleanse. My meals usually consists of lean protein and a vegetable, like an egg white, tomato and mushroom omelette for breakfast, grilled chicken in a salad for lunch or a tilapia fillet with grilled zucchini and asparagus for dinner. Fresh fruits replace any snacks and can usually satisfy any sweet craving that rears its ugly head. My absolute favorite sweet tooth snack is ½ grapefruit with a  ½ teaspoon of sugar. If you've never tried it, do so! Grapefruit is also known to be an excellent appetite suppressant, which means you won't be raiding your pantry at midnight.

This is my second time around in the quest for a fit lifestyle, and I surely hope this is the last time I'll need to stop at Sweat Junction. For anyone else making this emergency stop with me, good luck! We got this :)


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