Instagram Stalking Jared Leto & Other Random Things

Friday, April 25, 2014

I've been away from this pretty little blog for nearly a week, and this time I don't have Time Warner Cable to blame. Actually, my cable/internet service has been operating impeccably well, which is a welcome change considering the literal arm and leg I pay for the damn service. But no, my almost week vacation is mostly due to (1) feeling kinda speechless, and (2) being immersed in a few other things recently.

Correction. I'm never speechless. Any real-life friends who stumble upon this post would agree in a heartbeat, I've pretty much always got something to say. Even if it's said at the speed of light, half-English and otherwise incomprehensible. However, as far as blog posts are concerned, render me speechless. I can remember approximately 4 instances of sitting in front of a blank screen and nothing blog-worthy coming to mind. Those of you with 762 genius posts scheduled months in advance, teach me your ways!

On a happier note and addressing point (2) above, my brain has been swimming in all things interior decorating and novel writing for the past few days. More evidence that creativity may be transferable; never really disappearing but flowing between one medium to the next.  I wish I could say the creativity is showing itself in the form of pages written, but no such luck - the WIP is making progress in some ways but proving complicated in others, and it's a little frustrating to say the least. On the other hand, I've literally gone to sleep with thoughts of silk curtains and character sketches. I've watched a bagillion home decorating and house buying shows on the DIY Network and HGTV (me & Mr. Big&Tall's current addiction). I legit had a dream that I made a coffee table a few nights ago (Cue the creepy Halloween music). The anticipation of my gallery wall frames that should arrive in the post today is almost enough to have me waiting here by my door, which I may just do considering my H&M package went awol a few weeks ago, causing a huge fiasco resulting in me nearly attacking my postmaster through the phone because they couldn't just simply ring my doorbell. I mean, really? Hold on, wait a minute Mr. Postman. Bring back my damn package.  

So here are a few random pictures of my week, kinda like a recap. Except nowhere near as cool as most recaps on the blogging interwebs that show how interesting so-and-so's life is. It really only displays how random I am.

Gazed at a beautiful sunset during a long walk on the Pier.

Failed to resist the macaron shop on 23rd.

Iced a yummy strawberry-flavored cake. 

Laughed way too hard at this.

Marveled at how pretty my neighborhood is in the springtime.

Instagram stalked Jared Leto because hello, he's gorgeous

& an inspirational goldmine/sensational person.

Had an amazing eyebrow day. Thank you, Anastasia Brow Wiz <3

Arranged the prettiest roses in my DIY vase.

All in all, I have really missed blogging and commenting and everything while on my mini-hiatus. And I'm crossing my fingers for some blog-worthy things to happen this weekend.



  1. Great pics! And Jared Leto is yummy!

  2. Great photos!! Your eyebrows are amazing, and Jared leto....oh man....don't get me started lol


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