Mrs. Aubrey 'Drake' Graham

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So I'm done complaining about how bad of an adult I am. Simply because ain't nobody got time for that. And by nobody, I mean, you, lovely reader. I took this quiz about who I should marry, and no lie, my result was 'a robot programmed to love.' Really? Apparently, "a robot an give you the kind of unconditional love a person never could", although I'm pretty sure we'd break up after I forgot to oil his gasket for the sixth time (see previous post). But I doubt a robot is my soulmate, anyway. I did however think that I'd ride off into the sunset with Aubrey Graham. That is assuming we ever met considering he's a, you know, celebrity and all.

Does anyone remember the t.v. show, Degrassi The Next Generation? At 13, Degrassi and Higher Ground were my favorite tv shows because I was obsessed with Aubrey Graham (hip-hop artist, Drake) and Hayden Christensen, respectively. Especially Aubrey. (Yes, first name basis). Don't believe me?

One of the books I carried around with me back then. Covered in things I loved.

Proof of either a super fan or super stalker. Let's go with option number 1 for my sake.

Back when he first entered the scene as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, I was convinced he was my soulmate. I watched every single episode with him in it, including the difficult-to-stomach episode when Jimmy got shot by Rick. And get this: I was so mad. Obviously, I knew it wasn't real, but I seemed like they were trying to write Aubrey out of the show and as the future love of his life, I wasn't having that. So what did I do? I wrote an email. To The N! (I cringe in embarrassment just typing all of this). But I just knew that it was meant to be. How could it not be? According to the 500,000 interviews I watched of him, we were perfect for each other. As a teenager, he was teased for "acting too white" just like me. And like me, he had a killer vocabulary as a teenager and was so well-spoken. We were both writers. He had dozens of notebooks stacked in his room, all full of music, and I had more than a few notebooks full of my stories. He was sweet and charming and humble and mine - at least in my head.

Because it's hilarious, it's the last day of April and it's kinda relevant. 
Although a lot of this is kinda mortifying, I do take pride in being able to say I was the first to see his potential. Because not only is he clearly talented, but he really grew into his looks (not that you could tell my 13-year-old-self he wasn't the hotness boy ever). In fact, during my first two years of college, I got into countless arguments defending the blasting of his music from my dorm room. According to everyone else, Drake circa 2008 wasn't even worth listening to. Ha! Five years later and how wrong were they? Well, considering that Drake's now a megastar with his choice of any celebrity girlfriend, how wrong was I about our future love story? Oh well :)

I could've been the only teenage with a slightly obsessive celebrity crush. Share below!

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  1. The quiz told me I should marry Jennifer Lawrence. They know me so well.


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