Music Playlist: Must Be The Feeling

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maybe it's the amazing warm weather and beaming sun in NYC (seriously, it's been mid-60s for the past few days), but I've been living in a faux summertime state of mind and listening to my Sweet Summertime playlist anytime I'm not banging out some cardio. I forgot how much I love this playlist. (Just imagine me dancing around my apartment screaming "versace, versace..."). I also couldn't remember the last time I posted one of my music playlists until a blog search confirmed that it was last December. That feels like ages ago. So just in case you were wondering what I'm listening to these days (although I doubt you were):

The tracks on this playlist are centered on one idea: they are all songs I think are amazing for one reason or another. Some just make me feel like moving (Get Lucky, Ven Conmigo), others remind me of my favorite memories (Run This Town). A few totally amp me up (Up In The Air, Scream & Shout), while others make me feel blessed to be in love and alive (XO, Top Of The World). The only common thread being that they all make me feel so good. And when spring is blessing us with such beautiful weather, what's not to feel amazing about? (Unless you're one of those places getting snow this week, then... I'm sorry? Be happy, anyway!).

Up In The Air by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Up In The Air by Thirty Seconds To Mars - on Grooveshark
Run This Town (ft. Rihanna & Kanye) by Jay-Z
Run This Town by Jay-Z on Grooveshark
Criminal by Justin Nozuka
Criminal by Justin Nozuka on Grooveshark
Top Of The World by Bridgit Mendler
Top Of The World by Bridgit Mendler on Grooveshark
Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony
Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony on Grooveshark
Ven Conmigo (ft. Prince Royce) by Daddy Yankee
Scream & Shout by & Britney Spears
Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion Remix) by Nero
Get Lucky by Daft Punk & Pharrell
The Drop by Bro Safari
XO by Beyonce

What have you been listening to recently?


  1. I enjoyed listening to your playlist. Some of the songs I've never heard of, like Top of the world. I love that catchy beat, though. I think I'll add that to my playlist, too. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, most of Bridgit Mendler's songs are really fun like that, perfect summer tracks. Glad you found something new!

  2. Thanks for sharing your playlist. I love discovering new music. You list includes all genres which I can appreciate. I was a big fan of Justin Nozuka when he first came out( After Tonight) so nice to see he's still around.

  3. Just found your blog! Another lawyer yay! I swear I keep finding lawyers with blogs! Do we not have enough to do?? Anyway I love your playlist ... I know its not new but I am loving the beat of Katy Perry's Dark Horse right now


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