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Monday, January 27, 2014

I spent my Friday afternoon at Drybar. It was a great Friday :)

There's a Drybar location so close to me that I'm almost ashamed to say that I've never ventured inside. I usually wash and style my own hair between my relaxer appointments simply because I like taking the extra time to treat my hair (I allow the Macadamia masque to sit in my hair for anywhere up to a hour, sometimes). To be quite honest, what lead me to make an appointment at Drybar last week wasn't the rave reviews, although they are plentiful. I simply needed a good wash, and really, really didn't want to do it myself.

Drybar is just that - a blow dry bar. They don't do cuts or color or anything else. You walk in, have your hair washed, dried and styled, and you walk out. All for a flat rate of $40 regardless of how long or thick your hair is. There are locations in New York, California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia and D.C., and salons in Chicago and Boston are coming soon. If it sounds awesome, that's because it is.

For the first time in like my life, I was on-time. Well, maybe I'm being dramatic but still, I'm proud of myself. Look at me sticking to my resolutions! Because Drybar is appointment-based, you don't walk into a super crowded waiting room and wait forever to get into a stylist's chair. When I arrived for my 1:15 appointment, there were only 2 other women waiting. I was told that they were running a few minutes late, but my stylist would be with me shortly. I can't remember how long I waited because I was plied with liquor distracted, but it wasn't long at all.

While I waited, I noticed the doormat that I walked right over when I entered. I thought it was such a sweet compliment to any woman walking in and it made me smile while I waited (or maybe that was just the champagne). In fact, the decor of the entire salon just made me happy. The salon is all gorgeous light-colored wood, white and neutral furniture and yellow accents. Most of the styling appliances, blowdryers and brushes included, were yellow as well as any flowers, small tables or light fixtures throughout. The decor is girly and fun, and the two televisions played chic flicks the entire time - I got to watch the final minutes of The Notebook and then half of The Proposal (I really love that movie). It feels like the salon is full of so much girl power, and although I'm definitely not the type to clam up around guys, the feminine atmosphere makes it really easy to chat like mad and get to know my stylist.

I didn't get many pictures after those because (1) I was busy sipping two mimosas, and (2) it's a little awkward to take pictures of an establishment when I'm suppose to be getting my hair done. After waiting for half-a-mimosa's time, I was greeted by Geneva, my stylist, who was incredibly easy to talk to. Because I have the skills of a ninja, I quickly snapped this photo when she led me to her chair, with my drank in one hand and coat in the other.

After I plopped down into the seat, she turned me around to the mirror behind us and said to me just like she was my oldest girlfriend "So, let's talk, girl." She proceeded to ask me a few questions about my hair (what I normally do, my concerns, blah), and then she brought me to the back room, where I stealthily snapped another photo (or maybe she just went to get a few products, I can't recall).

The wash bins in this salon are the most comfortable I've ever been in. There's no water accidentally running down your back or aching as you struggle against slipping out of the seat. They pull out these little footstools from beneath the chair, which make you feel like you are lounging as you get your hair washed. As she washed my hair with all Moroccan products, she talked to me about shampoos and serums that treat dry scalp, which I mentioned I was having an issue with because of the cold temperatures this winter. She was extremely informative, which relaxed me. Once I got back into her stylist chair, we talked a bit more about the Moroccan products she used before blowdrying. (I'm seriously considering buying a few Moroccan products. Have any of you tried them out?) From there, she dried and curled my hair and we talked about hair-related things, while I sipped another mimosa between sentences.

When Geneva turned me around, I watched the curls cascading towards my shoulders and almost couldn't believe it. I've been going to the same salon since I was 14. I'm usually very reluctant to let anyone new do my hair because of a few bad experiences at the hands of inexperienced stylists and I'm really trying to grow my hair out long and healthy like it was before college. But Geneva, she exceeded all expectations. My curls bounced when I turned from side to side, and my hair was shiner than I've seen in a while. But neither of those compare to how soft my hair is. I've been running my hands through it all weekend. I wish I had a picture of this perfection but I was too excited to think as I thanked Geneva, bounced towards the reception desk and gladly handed over my $40.

I spent the rest of the weekend admiring my hair. Just kidding. Kind of.

To sum it up nicely: Drybar is amazing. Book an appointment now!

1; 2 by me; 3; 4-9 by me.


  1. I've always heard such great things about these salons, and sometimes when I think of the best parts that I love MOST about doing hair, styling hair is one of my absolute favorite parts. If I didn't love doing color and highlights so much, I'd consider working at a place like this. But anyways, I'm glad to hear you loved it! I seriously would love to visit one of these salons one day - I might be a hair stylist, but doing my own hair gets on my NERVES.

    Mimosas included are always a-ok in my book.

  2. I've always wanted to do this!!! That place looks adorable!

  3. This place sounds amazing! Heavenly, actually. Too bad you didn't get a picture of your hair! I am going to have to find out if we have anything like this around me. Otherwise, I know what I will be doing on my next trip to Cali. :)

  4. That place looks awesome!!! And the not having to sit around and wait while sipping mimosas and being pampered sounds amazing. That is not the experience I get when I go to my usual salon.

  5. I am so glad you liked it - I really need to try it out before a big event!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. this is such a cute idea!


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