Sweating for Summer: Stocking Your Fridge

Friday, January 24, 2014

When I began my first weight loss journey, this quote popped up everywhere. From the fitblr community to the gym to my own mom, I was reminded in some way that the majority of my battle with fat would be fought in the kitchen. What?! I didn't want to believe it. I love food. Most girls figure out the correlation between unhealthy food and weight gain in high school. But I was a gymnast during most of high school; it didn't matter what I stuffed my face with, I was going to burn right through it during my three hour practice that night. All I knew was that 3 slices of greasy pizza 10 minutes before practice wasn't the best idea (I learned that the hard way), but other than that I ate what I wanted. But when I went off to college where I partied, ate whatever and just went to the gym 3-5 times a week, I learned quickly that those days were over. I was cursed with the freshman 15 and then some. Lesson learned: I love food, but I can't devour all of the milkshakes and fries. Life just isn't fair.

So, if abs are made in the kitchen after all, what the hell am I suppose to eat? Personally, it's not the cravings that get the best of me most days. It's more about what's in front of me. Whether it's a bowl of ice cream or a serving of frozen yogurt, a pot-full of pasta or a plate-full, I'm just as satisfied really. Seriously, it's like my eyes are way too big for my own good. So, the key for me, and I think for a lot of people (although perhaps for different reasons), is to give myself the healthiest choices. My first stop on my fitness journey isn't the gym; it's the supermarket. So I'm bringing you along with me. This is how I stock my kitchen to prepare for battle, err, the Sweating for Summer challenge.

You can skip down to see what I took home - I won't hold it against you :)

Probably my favorite part of Trader Joe's. I love fresh flowers. I just need to learn not kill them. 

I always get my salad here. They're $4 a bag everywhere else!

Walk straight past this and over to the water. Even though they are pretty much the best juices ever :(

One of my favorite snacks. If you've never tried it, you need to.

A lot of people say don't buy frozen fish. And I get it, it's not as healthy as fresh fish. But see, if I bought fresh fish only, it would go bad in my fridge and I'd just end up ordering chinese. You see how this is a better option for me?

 Now, for my shopping cart :)

Every time I go grocery shopping, I pick up fruits. Trader Joe's has one of the best produce sections in the city, and, in general, have the best prices (seriously, I feel like I'm getting scammed if I shop anywhere else). By replacing sugary snacks with slightly, less sugary fruits, I save myself the I-just-inhaled-that-cupcake-guilt. You know that guilt I'm talking about.

Vegetables are an essential part of healthy eating. Of course, there's salad, which is like the golden child of every diet ever made. I also like TJ's prepped mixed vegetables because they make eating healthy so easy.
I've been wanting to whip up some guac for a while now, but it always seems so daunting. With everything right in one place in this Guacamole Kit, I couldn't resist.

Fage yogurt is my favorite brand because of how amazing it tastes and how convenient it is. I love eating it with sliced strawberries, raspberries and granola on top. And I like the one with honey too.

Here are a few good snacks I stock my pantry with. I admit the Inner Peas? Not so yummy. But those dried cranberries and granola bars, I'm known to carry those two around with me. They hit the spot every time! Read what's on the boxes there. I think it's too cute.

And of course, it's not healthy living if there isn't water. Saratoga spring water is like drinking the water of life from a bottle, but I'm not so bougie that I won't grab a plastic bottle too. I'm about that zero calorie goodness no matter what!

CHECK-IN #1: -2.5 pounds. I probably shouldn't have stepped on the scale today. The weather in NYC for the past few weeks has been cold and snowy, and I'm always a few pounds heavier at this time of the month. But I weighed in anyway because I want to do this right.


  1. i follow the 90/10 rule: 90% clean eating (no processed/sugary garbage/sweets/desserts) and 10% whatever (which can include dessert). i usually only indulge in that 10% when i'm pmsing like today -- i ate a huge handful of chocolate covered almonds and was not the least bit sorry. in fact, i was so not sorry that i went back for more. and it was damn good. and totally what i needed. damn you uterus, damn you.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Fage is my favorite greek yogurt as well. I'll have to pick up some of the honey kind next time!

    I so wish I had a Trader Joe's nearby. If I sent you money could you airmail me some food? haha
    Great post and gave me some good ideas for what I need to pick up tomorrow. :)

  3. I wish I lived in a city where we had a trader joes. We don't even have one in my STATE! So sad.

    You're totally right, on my journey to losing 115 that was hard for me to figure out too. It's not just about the gym, but the nutrients and everything I put in my body on a daily basis as well:)

  4. When I'm posing, I like can't control anything I put in my mouth. I've also heard that we crave 155 more and burn 155 during that time. Whether that's true or not, it gives me peace when I eat all of the things :)

  5. Fage honey is heaven sent. And yes, I will airmail you the yummies :)

  6. *stops all that she is doing to slow clap* You freaking rock, Ashley. I am in total awe of you! Just knowing you've accomplished something so wonderful motivates me to give it my all.

  7. Trader Joes is amazing!!!! I havent been there in so long and I feel like I'm going through withdrawal! Love that guacamole kit :)

  8. we dont have a TJ here! *cries*

    BTW who did your layout? I love it!!!

  9. Umm I'm SO GLAD there's a Trader Joes in NYC!! I live in Oregon right now and they're pretty abundant but I had no idea if there were some/many on the East Coast and I'm planning on relocating sooner than later... :)


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