Sweating for Summer (Even If It's Freezing Outside)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting fit (again) has been one of my perpetual new year's resolutions and this year is no different. Two days ago, I stepped on the digital scale I have tucked in the back of my closet for my sanity safe keeping, and the highest number I have ever seen popped up on the screen. I'm currently the heaviest I have ever been. And strangely, this didn't send me into a panic that began with a shattered scale and ended with a blubbering Kari slumped in the corner of my room. I just looked down at the number and calmly put the soul-crushing device back in the closet. My panic then commenced in the form of list-making. When things feel like they're spiraling out of control, I make a list of what I need to do because it grounds me. So, on Wednesday, I tore four marked pages out of an otherwise blank notebook and scribbled out a plan.

I've created a 25 week "Sweat for Summer" plan which will end on July 2nd (it began on Wednesday the 8th). During that time, I will be "checking in" every 2.5 weeks or so, which works out perfectly to 11 check-ins. This checking in business serves two purposes: (1) it keeps me on track for my ultimate goal, and (2) it holds me accountable. Three years ago, when I first lost quite a bit of weight, I had a fitness tumblr, which I'm convinced made a big difference because it provided support but also held me accountable . I won't be dedicating entire posts to check-ins as was the fitblr community norm (ie. no posts solely about how much weight I have or haven't lost & how I did it). But I do plan to add a line or two about my progress on check-in days, and I aim to write fitness- or health-themed posts on those days. Just in case you're interested, here are those dates: Jan 24th, Feb 9th & 25th, Mar 13th & 29th, Apr 14th & 30th, May 16th, Jun 1st & 17th, July 2nd.

Over the next 5+ months, I expect my fitness goals and routines will change, but for now I'm focusing primarily on interval running (one of my resolutions) and secondarily on a Valentine's Day themed workout. I recently discovered the lovely Karena & Katrina over at Tone It Up, whose fitness videos have already taken the YouTube and general community by storm, and I've been loving their Fat Burning Treadmill Workout.

Let me be clear. I do not complete this run as is. Let me be clearer. When I first found this right after Thanksgiving, I tried to run it as is. I died by the end of the first jogging interval. I'm terribly out of running shape. In fact, because I was never a runner, that doesn't really pertain - I'm just out of shape in general. So, I modify the hell out of this routine. I don't increase the incline at all, and I dramatically decrease the mph for each interval (ie. I jog at around 4.0 and sprint at 5.0). Even though I followed this workout on-and-off throughout December, Wednesday was my "starting over" day as I was out of the gym due to the holiday and caught a cold on New Year's Eve. But I'm really pushing myself every time I run, and hope to run at least according to the speeds above by the end of the month. Strangely enough, after downloading an app that beeps with the change of each interval and adding custom songs to each part, I'm excited to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes most days. It also seems that this routine will teach me to pace myself when I run, making it an easier transition to running outside (which I really dislike at the moment but want to be able to do. I think).      

There's also the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series, which seems like such a wonderful, confidence building workout. I'd love to add this to my routine as soon as I can plan it all out. The ladies of Tone It Up created this 6-week series to motivate women to get fit for Valentine's Day by finding their "confident, fit, and fierce" selves. Every Sunday, the weekly schedule is posted and it's as simple as following it. Plus, they are giving away prizes each week from both TIU and Victoria Secret Sport. I'm talking at you about all of this, and you're probably staring at your screen all like Kari, you're about a year late. Okay, well, why did you didn't tell me about this series then, huh? :)

But I bet you didn't know they have a t.v. show called Toned Up! (If you did, please don't kill my vibe.) I'm watching last week's episode as I type. Tune into Bravo at 10:30pm on Thursdays to watch.

I'm eager to start this "fitness journey". I expect this accountability is just what I need to kick my booty into gear. What are your fitness goals for the year? Let me know in the comments and let's keep each other motivated!

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  1. This couldn't have come at a better time for me. I stepped up my workout routine at the beginning of December (I'm going to Puerto Rico in two weeks) to include two kickboxing classes a week along with my regular trips to the gym where I usually use the treadmill for half an hour and then do some weights but I read an article recently that says steady running can become ineffective when it comes to losing weight because your body adjusts to it. I like running though and I don't want to add another cardio class because kickboxing is insane as it is. I'm going to use this interval plan next time I go. Thanks for that!

  2. yes to all of this!! a plan is necessary and it looks like you have that down so you're already half way there!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. So glad to help! Everywhere I look (or read rather), its all about intervals and HIIT routines. I've been using some great HIIT routines for a while, but never thought to do it on the treadmill. Let me know how it goes & enjoy PR!

  4. Thanks, kathy. I'm trying to be more like you :)

  5. Love this plan! Can't wait to here about your progress. :)


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