Why I'm Still Crushing on The Rock

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why does that feel like some huge admission? Ten years ago this would've felt more like a "duh" statement and less like a confession. Back in 2002, it would've been excusable to be crushing hard on The Rock. Well, aside from the fact that Triple H was my favorite WWF wrestler and he & The Rock had major beef, so I wasn't actually allowed to like him. It's kind of like not being allowed to like BSB because you are an NSYNC fan, but jamming to "Backstreet's Back" in your room when your friends aren't around to judge you. But now it's not a make believe beef that makes it shameful, but rather, it's the fact that Dwayne Johnson is just over 40 years old and a rather low-key celebrity, breaking all unwritten laws that celebrity crushes must be twenty-something and media tabloid worthy. But, if you ask me, this more than makes up for, well, anything.

Now, being extremely muscular isn't like a prerequisite for me (I'm normally not a fan of it), but it surely isn't a deal-breaker either. Apparently, the reason he's so fit is because he's training to play Hercules in the upcoming film adaptation. Not that I really care why he looks like a creature of perfection. When the world gifts you, you don't ask questions; you shut up and you silently say thank you with a nod and wide eyes.

He's not afraid to let you know: even he has a difficult workout sometimes. His Instagram is full of workout photos captioned with words like "When it comes to success, consistency is key. Consistent hard work that we may not like, but for a payoff we'll love #Earnit". He also posts motivational videos where he stops and yells "focus!" in the middle of a set to a gym full of people. He works hard, and he lets us know that all that glorious-ness (yeah, I made that up) doesn't come easy.

He conquers roller coasters. As if a mere roller coaster could scare a man who can curl 80 pounds. That's right. Eighty pounds per arm. His arms are almost the size of his head, and he's cruising down this mountain like he owns it. I'm not understanding the fear of everyone behind him. As if anything could possibly get past this rock of a man (see what I did there?). And the guy in the back? That would totally be me, crying because I'm not close enough to hold on to one of those amazing biceps. Just sayin'.

He looks at home with a spatula. How can you not love a man that cooks? I'm sure that when I found out my boyfriend makes a pretty tasty pan of lasagna, he became my own personal Mr. Big (& Tall) right then and there. A man who can, and does, cook is after my own heart, for real. And breakfast is my favorite meal even if I'm eating it after noon. I smell what he's cooking and it's blueberry-banana pancakes, ladies. I doubt anyone would mind waking up to that.

He gets into the festivities and isn't afraid to be silly. How could any Christmas lover not get in the spirit with this picture of perfection? A fully decked out tree, gifts galore and a beautiful man in a santa hat. Only 351 days until the season. And he has no problem drinking with himself. Here, he is ringing in the New Year with a personal bottle of champagne and the second-best looking guy in the room.   

And let's be real, he's gorgeous. Featured on the cover of Essence magazine in August of 2013  
and interviewed within, he states that he wants "someone who can trust that my big hands are going to take care of them." Swoon. Well, if I didn't have a pair of big hands taking care of me already, I might be tempted :)

Who is your celebrity crush? Do you share mine or do you have a steamy one of your own?

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  1. what? loving the rock should be done incognito? NEVER! i love him! he's the guy who helped hugh jackman beef up for Wolverine and i love me a guy who takes care of himself. and for real, he just seems like an all-around nice guy.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. He legitimately just gets better looking with age. I was never really attracted to him until recently. He looks damn good!

  3. He's such a good looking hunk of man meat. That's fo' damn sho'!

  4. I had no idea he help Hugh, but it makes him that much more attractive. Doesn't he just seem like the sweetest teddy bear ever? Look at that smile!

  5. I was thinking the same thing - like is he cuter because I'm old enough to appreciate it now or because he's actually better looking now.


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