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Monday, January 13, 2014

I was almost convinced I'd be a Spencer, but part of me knew I was also an Aria.

To begin, big shout out to Elisabeth @ My Cup of Sparkle. Sometime last week, I stumbled across her post with her quiz result and decided to follow suit. She's such a darling so her result wasn't surprising at all.

Back to my quiz results. As soon as Aria Montgomery's face popped up, I knew the results were right without reading the description.

This is me. Today. At this very moment. The reason I thought I might be more like Spencer Hastings is because that's how I use to be. In high school, I was all about definite answers and straightforward questions. Now, I embrace the flexibility of my surroundings and have learned to be okay with the cloudiness of life and it's tumultuous relationships. At 25, romance trumps logic.

If you don't know, both of these characters are from the ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars, a mystery-thriller that first premiered in 2010. Four friends unite after the funeral of their missing friend Alison. Before Alison went missing, an intricate web of secrets connected the five friends, and after the funeral, anonymous texts from "A" threaten to use the secrets to tear their lives apart. And seasons later, "A" has evolved into an "A team", yet its members are still mostly anonymous to the girls. Episode after episode, Spencer, Hannah, Emily and Aria follow clues to find out who is harassing them and who killed Alison. And surprisingly, it never gets old.

A younger Kari would've definitely been dubbed a Spencer without question. Spencer, the daughter of a wealthy family who expects nothing less than perfection, is the intelligent friend with a competitive nature, even towards her older sister. ...As a teenager, I tried my hardest to be perfect. I didn't really have time for boys. I had As to earn, gymnastics routines to nail. When report cards were distributed, I'd scan it quickly to be sure all grades were above 95%. I remember getting a 94 in chemistry and walking to my teacher's office in tears, promising to do extra credit and stop speaking out in class if he gave me the extra percentage point. I spent almost 20 hours per week at gymnastics practice. And I constantly felt the pressure from my parents to do everything just right. I'm not saying that this pressure was a negative thing; I'm just saying that it was definitely there. I was Spencer. All situations had logical answers and could be explained by reasoning them through. The heart must be ignored in favor of the brain knows it all. It was a black and white world.  

Now, there are times I wish I was still a Spencer. Logical, strong and secure. These days I feel more like an Aria. That's not a bad thing necessarily, but it can get a little... messy. See, Aria leads with her heart. She's impulsive and loving, which leads her to fall in love quickly and sometimes with the wrong people. I don't think I fall in love easily, but when I do, I love hard. Once I've opened my heart to someone, it's really hard for me to close it, almost impossible. I'll fight with you, but I'll fight for you that much harder. Over the past few years, I've become a person who loves love, gushes over grand gestures, and rereads (or rewinds) sappy, romantic scenes. Although Aria can be offended easily, especially by those whom she loves most, she always has their back no matter what. She's a fierce friend. I like that about her. I like to think that I'm a fierce friend too. I've become somewhat of a confidant for many of my friends, who can call me in the middle of the day to gossip or in the middle of the night to cry on my metaphorical shoulder. Instead of aiming for perfection, I find that I try my hardest to be there for the people I love, to be a good person. I see things in gray tones now, understanding that I don't have all the answers and that's okay. In fact, somedays I don't even know the question. Seeing people excited is one of my favorite things and it makes me emotional to see someone brimming with happiness. The only thing better than seeing someone's eyes light up is being the person who lit the match.

Now that I've typed all these thoughts out, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with it. When I took this quiz a few days ago, I had this idea in my head about it - how I've become a different person over the years, not better or worse, just different. I may be more creative and open-minded and more willing to take risks, but I know that I can also be strong and secure, that I'm capable of figure things out if I need to. In order for romance to trump logic, both have to exist in me in the first place.

Now that I've official rambled on for paragraphs, go take the quiz and see what your results are. Are they what you expected? Tune into Pretty Little Liars Tuesday night and try to compare yourself to your "pretty little liar personality." I should be watching tomorrow at 8pm , and I usually do a bit of live tweeting during commercials. If you watch, let's live tweet together!

Ps: Did any of you cuddle up with a cup of tea and watch the Golden Globes last night? Breaking Bad & American Hustle did pretty well for themselves, didn't they? :) Here's my favorite moment from the night. As if I could love J.Law any more.

Happy Monday!


  1. i've only seen a few episodes but is there a bitchy character who doesn't give a shit about much? because that would be me LOL

    kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Ha! Well, turns out the missing friend Alison was quite the bitch. And she's beautiful, so I'd say that fits well then!

  3. I love PLL and love this post! I ended up taking the quiz and I got Emily!


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