Beauty Product Review: Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

I didn't mean to like this scrub. I really didn't. Let me explain.

I've been using Lush's Ocean Salt for about a year now as a body scrub, although most people utilize it as a facial one. I've repurchased it and plan to do so in the future. But one Sunday (my pampering day), I looked into an empty container in shock. Where did this magical stuff go so quickly, and why did I not notice it until 9pm tonight? So, I jumped into some shoes, grabbed my keys, and ran out to Bed, Bath & Beyond to grab any ol' scrub for the night. I'd read a review on this scrub on Elle Fowler's blog, Dreaming in Blush, but didn't necessarily see it as a must-have. But as I searched the beauty section that night, I gravitated towards it as it was the only scrub I recognized, and carried the container in the Brazilian Nut scent to the register.

And so the temporary solution became a permanent member! It's a gentle scrub but you definitely feel it as it sloshes away your dead skin to reveal a new layer of baby soft, supple skin. However, although it certainly isn't drying, I find that I still need to use a body lotion or body butter afterwards, which I'm not accustomed to with Ocean Salt. This doesn't bother me though because I always moisturize after a shower even when I don't need to. Now, Ocean Salt will always be a holy grail product, but I am partial to this brazil nut scrub as it leaves a wonderful yet faint scent of coffee behind it. Taking a whiff of it is like walking into a coffee shop, and I sigh every time I open it up. Furthermore, I can't deny that the price is like a dream in comparison to a lot of the products that I've tried. The container I have is huge with over 18 oz of product for only $6-$8 at my local drugstore (whereas Ocean Salt retails for $35 for a 8 oz jar). The drugstore also carries a body butter of comparable price, which I've contemplated recently but can't seem to justify purchasing. There are also body wash/scrub/butter trios in a few other scents, including mango and almond.   

Overall, I can't say for sure that this product occupies the #1 spot on my list of best body scrubs, but it's on the list for sure! I feel as though it will always be in the arsenal regardless, if only for its scent alone!

Have you tried this scrub, or do you have any other recommendations? Leave me a comment & let me know!

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  1. So funny, I actually bought this after reading Elle's review too! And I have the same one as her (coconut something) and it's awesome. Love this brand!


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