Being An Adult: House Cleaning

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A few days ago, I posted a (rather lengthy and typically silly) comment to the blog of someone I recently (and randomly) followed. A piece of said comment went a little something like this:
Lack of what my mother would call “tidiness”? I just tossed a carton of milk with September 29th on it, I should get some kind of award or maybe they should condemn my fridge:\ & well, the smaller the space, the bigger the reason to have all my stuff all over it. I find new places to stuff unnecessary things everyday. 
Yeah, I'm that girl. Ask any of my friends. Well, you kinda can't. So just trust me: I am. When it comes to my apartment, I am an organized, yet complete, mess. I'm not so messy that I can't locate anything, but most of my belongings are usually strewn about my apartment. My favorite top isn't in the "tops drawer", but I know without a doubt it's wedged between the shoe box and the printer under my dining room table, so it's all good. Except it's not.

It's actually quite terrible that I'm such a hot mess, or rather that my apartment usually is. This past weekend I sat down and silently berated myself: I'm twenty-five years old. People are married with children and a stable career/business at my age. I need to get it together. And at the very same time, I saw Blair Fowler's recent video. Now, I'm not nearly as ambitious as she is (frankly, I don't have all that time; that's a lot she's got going on!), but I'm working on a cleaning schedule of my own. So here I am, telling you about my untidiness issue and my plan to hopefully solve (or at least curb it) a little bit.  

wash dishes
wipe down bathroom sink
organize/clean off coffee table & dining table
make bed
put clothes away
tidy dresser & nightstands
clear off couch
take out trash
spot clean as necessary

wipe down mirrors & windows
tidy living room (Tuesday)
tidy bedroom & change bedsheets (Wednesday)
do laundry & drop off dry cleaning (Wednesday)
clean bathroom (Thursday)
vacuum, dust, swiffer floors (Thursday)
clean kitchen (Friday)
sort through mail & take out recycling (Saturday)

scrub bathtub & bath tiles
clean out fridge & pantries
clean oven

replace dish towel & sponge
wipe down couch & clean between cushions
wipe down wood furniture throughout apartment
wash/dry clean duvet cover & euro shams

steam clean carpets
sort through & organize clothing
flip mattress (¼ annually)
dry clean duvets & blankets
Spring/Fall deep cleaning
sort through makeup

How do you handle "big girl things" like cleaning?

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