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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Having just graduated law school, I will never have a first day of school ever again (Lucky me?). But for those heading back to high school (public schools go back in New York on September 9th) or university, I know there's a lot of thought that goes into choosing the perfect first day (or first week!) outfit - except for the girls that attend my all-girl parochial high school alma mater and are cursed by plaid uniforms. I've put together a few outfits that I think make a great statement for the occasion. Although stylized for school, some of these looks may work for your office (so long as you're not in the stuffy legal world like I am) or simply as an everyday fall look! Each of the looks is based on a certain "persona" if you will.

Back To School: Chill Out
Back-To-School: Chill Out

Graphic t shirt, $12 / River Island jacket, $31 / Mango skinny jeans, $54 / White Jordan's / Coach backpacks bag / Michele butterfly bracelet / Kate Spade earrings

Alternatives: Carhartt Varsity Jacket / Varsity Baseball Letterman Jacket / Destroyed Skinny Jeans / Material Girl Faux Leather Backpack / Oasis Square Face Chain Link Watch / F21 Large Hoops

Note: Sneaker Wedges would also be great with this look! Check out my favorite ones here.

Back To School: Dress Up
Back To School: Dress Up

Topshop crop shirt / Alice + Olivia black skirt / Cole Haan shoes / Tory Burch leather purse / Adia Kibur gold jewelry / Charlotte Russe gold jewelry / Juliet & Company pearl earrings / Versace belt

Alternatives: ASOS Stressed But Well Dressed Belt / Vince Camuto Kendall Heels / ASOS Skater Skirt in Leather Look / Gap Leather purse

Back To School: Trés Chic (my favorite!)
Back To School: Trés Chic

Cutie beige cocktail dress, $43 / JK2 cotton cardigan / Emilio Cavallini shiny hosiery, $4.31 / ASOS brogue shoes, $33 / Mulberry handbag / Michael Kors chrono watch, $355 / Marc by Marc Jacobs heart stud earrings / Forever 21 long gold necklace / Chanel sunglasses, $420 / Charlotte Russe brimmed hat

Alternatives: Melie Bianco Aria Winged Tote / ASOS Boyfriend Watch / OverSized Cateye Sunglasses /  F21 Sweet Eyelet Dress / F21 Floral Lace Georgette Dress /  Merona Cardigan 

I'm attempting to get a matching makeup look up, but my skin reacted to a new product I've been using (I will be sure to discuss this in a future post). My poor itchy skin :(

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