Dear Women Who Talk S#!t About Their Men On Social Media,

Friday, September 27, 2013

Today's Blogtember prompt: An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends. Be as snarky as you'd like (but no real names!).

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Dear Women Who Talk S#!t About Their Men on Social Media,

Stop. Seriously, just stop. It's embarrassing. Both for you and for me as a member of the female gender. I can't stand when I'm ranting about something and one of my guys friends is all like "don't go subliminal, emotional tweeting about me and s#!t." They expect this from women because quite frankly, that's what some of you do. You wanna throw a quote up there about how a woman deserves to be loved or some inspiring music lyric (think Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved" or Maxwell's "Fortunate") ? Fine. But an entire status dedicated to how "men ain't s#!t"? Please, no. I can't stand this notion in general, anyways. I don't want to know that your no-good boyfriend forgot your anniversary or that the father of your child spent the rent money on a trip to Vegas. And you shouldn't want me or anyone else on FaceBook to know that either.

If you are wondering why you suddenly cannot see my profile, it's because I can no longer be a witness to you demeaning yourself. Really, what does this public bashing accomplish? Is it for people to comment on how messed up your guy is? I'm assuming that because you are in a relationship that you care about your guy (goodness I hope so!), so why would you put him out there like that? Because really, all I end up thinking is "wow, she's a dumb broad". I mean excuse my french, but it really just makes you look bad. I get that relationships are difficult to navigate, and that men surely don't make it easier sometimes. So call your girl up and ask for some advice. If we're friends, ask me out for a few drinks and some "girl" time. Don't put him on blast because it's putting you on blast too. I mean, you're still with him, right?  

And then you go on to talk about how you are an "independent woman" or a "single mom perfectly capable of raising her child on her own". I'm not going to be as bold as to doubt your qualities. For all I know, you are all of that and more. But how does your ratchet status support it? You're fine being a single mom so you've gotta let everyone know how bitter you are about your deadbeat baby-daddy? Umm yeah…

So go ahead, be independent, be capable, be beautiful, be smart, be all of the things - and please, be quiet.

A Woman With Good Intentions

*Please note: I don't intend to bash anyone in anyway. I'm not a woman-hating woman or anything. I just need us to do better. 


  1. Yes! The public bashing is just sooooo awkward. I've had a couple friends who every now and then write way-too-detailed updates on how terrible their partners are and I just get SO much secondhand embarrassment for them. Call up your best girlfriend when you need to complain!

  2. Amennnnnnn! I can't STAND people who put their relationship on blast on FB. Puh-lease. The only thing I wanna see is the happy times.


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