Great Expectations

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's topic: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

Since I've only been blogging for a short time (barely two months I think), I'm not sure I can answer that just yet. But I can say what I hope blogging will become.

When I began my blog I didn't really have  any expectations for it. One of my friends has a blog that she uses as an outlet to deal with her long-distance relationship and the stress of law school. I'd say the enjoyment she got from her blog was part of what inspired me to begin mine. The other part would have to be my love for the act of writing. I love the process of it: mulling thoughts over in my head a million times, putting those thoughts down in the form of scribbles on some random piece of paper, tucking that paper away and making a silent promise to yourself that you won't lose it, and then rediscovering those thoughts, struggling to decipher the illegible symbols on the page and writing around it until you have a complete piece. Oh and rambling like I am right now (Sorry!). Anyways, I began this blog with the excitement of going through that process every time I created a post. To hone my writing skills and to rant and rave about books, beauty products, fashion, theories as well as the ongoings of life at the same time. 

Now that I write this, I realize that, in a way, blogging has already changed me. I've struggled for a while to find the inspiration to write something. With the stress of lawschool, I could never find the time, and when I found the time, I could never figure out what to say. But the thought that there might be someone out there, who either checks my strange little corner called Lipstick Stains and Coffee Cups or stumbles upon it in the search for something else - that thought makes me want to have something posted for them to read. I hope to find inspiration in many places but, in a way, I've found some inspiration to write in the possibility that someone will read it. And that's exciting.  

Thanks for reading! Tell me how blogging has changed you so I have something to look forward to :)

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