Balancing Act

Monday, September 23, 2013

A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc.

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I feel as though I touched on this topic in this past Friday's Blogtember post. Generally, I'd say I'm a bit unsettled yet entirely motivated. I've decided to view my life as a  sort of "starting over" moment. Of course, I'm not starting over exactly. I have my J.D. and, hopefully, will receive the news that I passed the Bar (Cross your fingers for me!). And although I'm very much dedicated to becoming employed as a lawyer in the field that I want, I also find that I've really enjoyed blogging and writing these past few months. It's made me feel important for lack of a better word, which makes sense because writing is the only thing that I've ever felt 100% confident in.

But for the past couple of weeks, I've felt quite conflicted, wondering how I can possibly balance these two things that I really do love. And in my search for balance, I scoured the web, desperately seeking someone who is employed full-time and operating a successful blog (whatever that means!). And what I've found is that a majority of the blogs that I've come to follow and admire are run by beautiful, intelligent, very busy women. Some women are teachers, professional photographers, financial analysts, computer technicians, design businesswomen, full-time mothers, and even attorneys. They all blog multiple times a week, contributing useful and interesting information to the blogosphere. It's given me a hell-of-a-lot of hope for my future because I've realized, and it's been demonstrated, that I can be an attorney and a blogger; that I don't have to choose just one, because, well, I'm not just one.

So, to respond more succinctly to the prompt (I have a tendency to get off topic), my life lately has been about figuring out what I want and "tidying" up my life. I've spent the past month: searching for the perfect employment, whipping my butt back into shape, learning new recipes, revamping my wardrobe, writing and developing characters I had long forgotten, organizing and redecorating my apartment, exploring the city, reading book after book and blog after blog, and last but certainly not least running my blog (hence, the new layout created, yet not completed, over the weekend).

Shredding on the elliptical!
Chili Pasta recipe from Better Home Cookbook.

Book I found full of stories/characters I've
been working on since I was 14!
Newer book I found with a few short
pieces written within the year. My writing
style has changed so much!

                       Can you see that the taxi trunk is WIDE open in the top photo? I was terrified it was going to fall out!
Turtle Pond, Central Park. Tons more pictures to come!
How has your life been lately? I hope stellar!


  1. *fingers crossed you passed the Bar* Ahhhh I hate the waiting game!

    I definitely can understand trying to find the balance between having a full time job and being a blogger. I think it's a lot like finding the balance with anything. We think we don't have enough time to do things....but we do. It's about making the time. That's always the hardest part! I wish I could just snap my dang fingers, and it'd all be figured out. But ah-ha...that's life for ya...the puzzle that's sometimes so hard to put together!

    That chili pasta bake....GIRL....I think I drooled a little on my keyboard. Don't judge me. It looks effin' delicious!

  2. Ahhhhhh MY LIFE LATELY too :) Love the banner!!! You talented gal you! Miss you xoxo


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