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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The One & Only Ms. Blair Waldorf.

Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

*Sighs* Jenni just wants soo much from me this warm day in Blogtember. Okay, okay, I will oblige :)
While I don't necessarily share Ms. Waldorf's exact sentiment (I don't think $$ alone can buy happiness), I feel like this post was created just for me. Shopping is something I do all too well, a trait I'm sure I share with many other women. And I "online window-shop" during commercials of my favorite shows, so clearly, this is my forte.

Here's a list of my favorite online shops:

  • ASOS -- Love. I check out this site at least once a day and usually end up placing an order every other week. An intervention may be necessary. 

Leather Look Skirt - Words cannot express how much I have to have this.
New Look Lolly Zip Edge Detail Tote Bag
River Island 3 Pack Triangle Ring Set 
Blazer in Crochet Lace
  • Ulta -- There aren't any stores in NYC so I have to shop online. And yeah, sure, I could go to regular drugstores for a lot of the items but not for the right prices. Generally, unless I can find it in Bed Bath & Beyond or Harmon's, both of which have significantly lower prices, I buy online at Ulta. For instance, Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion, my drugstore holy grail drugstore, is priced at $6.99 on Ulta and in Bed Bath and Beyond, while Duane Reade charges $9.99. Or those Maybelline Color Tattoos are $4.99 but Duane Reade will charge $7.99. No, thank you! Ulta also sells high-end brands so that's a nice plus.
  • HauteLook -- This members-only website is my go-to place for makeup at discounted prices. Their inventory isn't as static as other websites as items and brands come in and go out weekly. But if you pay special attention, you can grab some pretty awesome products.
  • Pier 1 -- because I'm currently re-decorating my apartment and I need this piece in my bedroom. NEED. 
    Isn't she a beaut?! I'm currently negotiating shipping prices ;)

  • Modcloth -- This website for a very long time. Here, I find the cutest little dresses and the occasional handbag. Carrying tons of different designers, Modcloth has some of the most beautiful lace embellished pieces. These three little party dresses are currently on my extremely long wishlist:
A Sweet Aperitif Dress in Gold
Starlet's Web Dress
Ruby Blooms Dress
  • Daily Look -- If you watch YouTube videos, I'm sure you've heard of this one. What's great about Daily Look is that they show you full outfits from which you can choose specific items to purchase. I haven't checked it out for the past few weeks, but when I visited today I saw this dress, stylized for street and chic on the homepage. I'm tempted to purchase the entire "Street" outfit. 
  • Singer 22 -- Ever see something on a celebrity and think "I want that. I wonder where it's from"? If so, check Singer22. On this website, there are almost two dozen "celebrity pick" pages and you can search by celebrity as well. So if you simply love everything Kim Kardashian or Lauren Conrad wears, head over to this website and eat your heart out. 
Selena Gomez's Donni Glam Scarf

  • Victoria's Secret (online) -- Honestly, I really dislike shopping in stores for lingerie/clothing in the VS store. Maybe it's because I'm in NYC but it always feels so stuffy, which I normally relish in, but when I'm choosing a cute bra and panty pairing - eh, not so much. So I'd rather order my garments from the comfort of my own home, especially considering that the VS clothing is only sold online.   
  • The Outnet -- if you're into designer brands but not designer prices, the Outnet might be the website for you. At times, the discounts are as deep as 70% so if you want that Alexander Wang purse that bad, this is the place to get it.  I'm thinking seriously about these basic pumps with a twist.

Alexander McQueen Leather and Mesh Pumps

Have a thoroughly overwhelmed you? Or rather, have I invited you to Shopaholic's Anonymous? I apologize for both.

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  1. I ADORE Modcloth! <3 Thank you for posting the link for Singer22. This makes me excited. And also feeds my shopping addiction. Thanks, girl! :)


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