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Friday, October 4, 2013

National Breast Cancer Awareness month. In the month of October, special attention is brought to educating us all about breast cancer and breast health. And through this education extraordinary strides have been made like a 34% decrease in death rates from breast cancer since 1990. Lots of research cites early detection as the source of this decrease. Although many of us are younger than the suggested age for regular mammograms (which is 40 by the way), there are still so many ways in which we can check our health and reduce our risk, including limiting alcohol, not smoking and being physically active. For more information and tips, go here. Also, Jess @ DIY Bride and Jackie @ City Girl Finding Her Place in the World are hosting a blog hop dedicated to the cause.

Delicious Grilled Chicken.
 A staple in any diet/healthy-eating plan. I've stolen this yummy recipe from BrettCap (well, not really stolen since I've linked him)! The recipe utilizes minced garlic and red wine vinegar to cook the chicken, making it even healthier than normal grilled chicken cooked with oil. Sometimes, I do add a bit of extra virgin olive oil, but it doesn't really make a difference. I simply grill it according to the recipe, although I don't use the exact seasonings as he does. Click his name above to check out this recipe as well as a few other great ones. 

I know you see Stefan down there flexing those arms!
The Vampire Diaries Premiere. Eeee! TVD season 5 finally started last night. It may not seem like "friday favorite" material because it just came on a few hours ago, but I've been anticipating it all week. Really, I've been waiting for this for months. I should probably mention that about myself - I'm 25 but I'm a little obsessed with "teen" type shows, like TVD, Pretty LittleLiars and Gossip Girl (when it was on). And I can't even say I'm embarrassed by it because I love the drama. Come on, admit it. You love it too. If you watch TVD, comment below and tell me what you thought of last night's premiere. So much happened last night and it looks like it's gonna be an interesting season to say the least (but then again, anything with 2 hot vampires will always have me tuning in!).

Wong Fu Productions Videos. They have been making videos for years (try 10!), but I am just now discovering them. I've spent this entire week back-tracking through their videos and either laughing at some of the more hysterical ones or tearing up at the more inspiring videos.

A short but inspiring video. They really are amazing.


  1. I'm 24 about to turn 25 and I love teen type tv shows (I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, as seen by one of my posts I did once) and I love young adult fiction books.I haven't actually watched Vampire Diaries, but I have some friends that want me to start it. And I loved Gossip Girl when it was on!

    Here's the link to that Pretty Little Liars post. It's my exact thoughts I had while watching an episode once. ha

  2. VD is one of, if not my favourite show. Got to love me some Salvatore brothers! Best scene of the premiere : "Do you have any idea what it's like to run in heels? I have blisters, Damon! ” Real life LOL's This of course is also tied with any scene ever that has Damon shirtless!


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