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Friday, October 25, 2013

Elliot Sailors, courageous woman who decided to reinvent herself for her career. As a 31 year-old model, Sailors, who had been criticized for years for her masculine features, felt her career slipping through her fingers, as the modeling industry considers her three decades of life to put her past her prime. So, Sailors grabbed her problem "by the balls," so to speak, and now books gigs as a male model. Click here to read her story.
Quote from Game Of Thrones. Not only is GOT one of the best tv shows, but this quote speaks volumes and has propelled me forward this week (it's been a quote-filled kinda week!). And soon, we will see how much it speaks to me - as determined by whether I delete my fiction piece scheduled to post in a few hours :\
Homemade Burrito Bowl. Why hadn't I thought of this before?! Instead of buying it from Chipotle, I chopped up some grilled chicken myself, made some rice, popped open a can of black beans and threw a dollop of sour cream and some cheese on top. Voila! 
Derek Hough. Between all the Dancing With The Stars I've been watching lately and Nina Dobrev's Instagram posts featuring him, I've developed a bit of a crush on Derek. He can really dance (I mean, the man just won a Emmy for Best Choreographer!), and he's adorable and such a flirt. Man, look at those baby blues!

Happy Weekend!


  1. The burrito bowl looks delicious! I agree Derek is yummy! I don't watch DWTS but I did discover him through Nina's Instagram. :)

    1. If you think you like Derek now, wait until you see him dance. *Swoon!*


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