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Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

I'm trying out a new collage-y display for my weekly favorites. Assembling it entertained the scrap-booker in me and it condenses my post a bit, but I imagine it could also be confusing to follow. Not sure if it's here to stay, but I like it for now. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Elizabeth Berkley. When I was 7 and watching Saved By The Bell re-runs, Jesse Spano was the "it" girl. At least I thought so. She sang and danced, was super brilliant and gorgeous to-boot. I wanted to be her. And two decades later, I still adore her. Watching her dance on Dancing with Stars, I cannot believe that she is 41 years old. Look at that picture up there - she looks exactly the same. I'm not sure what's saved her youth, but I want it! 

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween. This is, to me, a holiday in and of itself.  I pretty much countdown to this as soon as fall begins because it is my favorite two weeks of the year. And it starts tomorrow!! For the complete schedule for the next few weeks, click here. I'm looking forward to: The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, I Know What You Did Last SummerMonsters, Inc., the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, the Ravenswood premiere, Teen Witch, and Teen Wolf. Now to stock up on popcorn :)

Safe & Sound by Capital Cities. On replay in my head since I made my waking up playlist, I randomly sing the lyrics and bounce around to a beat in my beat. This song makes me dance like I'm stuck in a 1980s teen movie (think Breakfast Club) and I love it! I'm sure you've heard it - it's been in numerous commercials and I've actually heard it played during a few NBA games - but just in case you need a quick "the weekend's begun" jam session... 

Praline McFlurry. Putting this on the list makes me feel so unhealthy. When I told C that it made the list, he raised his eyebrows and gave me the "my little fatty" face (Don't worry; it's endearing face for us!). But how could I not include it when I've had more McFlurrys than I care to admit this week? It's nothing but pralines, caramel, and McDonald's version of ice cream, but it is ah-maziing. 

L'Oreal le Matte Lip Color in 409 Matte for Me. When I'm not rocking MAC's Rebel and I want to throw on some lipstick, this is it recently. It's cherry red in color and although it applies like a satin, it dries matte. I plan on picking up a few more. You can read a more detailed review here (which is also where I got the picture in the collage above). 

Oh, and a friday UNfavorite? The rumor that Charlie Hunnam won't be playing Christian Grey after all. Boo!


  1. Oh, I will always have a special place in my heart for the gang from Saved By The Bell. :)

  2. Im really excited for ABC family's 13 nights of halloween :) I am linking up with you via the link up!


  3. 13 Nights of Halloween! One of the best things about fall! :)

  4. I was super bummed about Charlie Hunnam too!! He would have been great!

    Jesse Spano!!! I was always a Jesse fan too. I felt like the entire world liked Kelly and I was over here being nerdy loving Jesse. The scene where she's on the caffeine pills singing "I'm So Excited" and breaks down crying to Zack is still on my list of favorite TV moments, ha!

    Capital Cities is one of my new favorites. I can't stop listing to their whole album, it's awesome!

    I cannot wait for Halloween Pretty Little Liars and the Ravenswoods premiere! Tonight's the night!!

    1. Charlie ❤ But at least I get to watch him tonight in Sons of Anarchy. Small victories. I headed out now, but DVRing it all!


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